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  • Alcoholic beverages will require a photo ID to verify you are at least 21 years of age.
  • House Margarita

    Made with fresh juices daily here at Gourmands. Served over ice - not frozen.
    Short $5 Pint $7 Pitcher $19
  • Bloody Mary

    A bold and boozy Bloody Mary with plenty of nutritional kick. $7
    A loaded Bloody comes with bacon, cheese and pepperoncini on top for you to snack away your hangover $9
  • Mimosa

    Sparkling effervescent wine with grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, or orange juice. Your choice $3
  • Citrus Ginger Spritzer

    Refreshing and light, with a hint of mint. $7
  • G's Punch

    It reminds me of simpler times when juice came from boxes. But now it gets you drunk. $7
  • G'z Fizz

    When Benchmark whiskey and Aperol make a baby. We mix them together with a dash of simple syrup (optional) and top with soda and a slice of orange. $7
    Do it up with Four Roses for $2.
  • S.S. Minnow

    Sail your ship in benchmark whiskey & ginger beer waves, while getting splashed with lime juice & simple syrup. $7
    Try it with Jim Beam Black for $2
  • I Love You Mary Jane

    Love your vodka while adding blue curacao. Finish her off with pineapple juice over ice. $7
    Make it a Jane Austin with Tito's Handmade Vodka for $2
  • Naughty Neddy

    In the fight for dominance, Naughty Neddy has a kick of serrano that kicks any Moscow mule's ass! Created with Pinnacle vodka, lime, ginger beer and fresh serrano peppers. $7
    Kick even more ass with Tito's Handmade Vodka for $2!
  • Purple Rain

    Taking it back to 1999 with purple glam in a glass. This grape vodka injection will make you think about that sweet weekend lover that you wanted to steal from another. $7
  • Deep Palmer

    Show your Texas pride with Deep Eddy Lemon & Sweet Tea vodkas, served with a splash of soda. Served as a shot or on the rocks, in a pint glass. $7
  • My Paloma

    Not yo mama's paloma. Exotico Blanco tequila & grapefruit cocktail with a splash of St. Germain. $7
    Make it your own with Codigo Rosa for $3
    Make it smoky with Vida Mescal for $3
  • Lime Nooner

    Enjoy a midday glass of prickly pear lemonade with Western Son lime vodka & a seasoned rim. $7
  • Ruby Red Slipper

    Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka, St. Germain, topped with soda and a splash of grapefruit juice. $7
  • Old Fashioned or Manhattan

    Two classic cocktails that take your whiskey to the next level. Add a muddled sugar cube and Angostura bitters for the ideal old fashioned or sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters for the iconic manhattan. $7
    Take either one even higher with Booker's Barrel Proof Bourbon for $3
  • WINE

    Gratsi Country Red Table Wine
    375 mL bottle $10
    Eve Chardonnay
    750 mL bottle $23
    The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc
    750 mL bottle $23
    Love Noir Rose
    750 mL bottle $23
    Josh Cellars Cabernet
    750 mL bottle $23
    Bev! Pinot Grigio
    250 mL can $6 Bev! Rose 250
    mL can $6
    Bev! Sauvignon Blanc
    250 mL can $6
    Champagne $10

    Lone Stara
    16 oz tallboy can $3
    Lone Star Light
    16oz tallboy $3
    Miller Lite
    16oz tallboy $3
    Pacifico Clara
    12 oz bottle $3
    Especial 16 oz tallboy $3
    16 oz tallboy $3
    Firemans 4
    16 oz tallboy $3
    Austin Beerworks Flavor Country
    12 oz can $3
    Austin Beerworks Peacemaker
    12 oz can $3
    Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle
    12 oz cans $3
    Shiner Bock
    16oz tallboy $3
    Michelob Ultra
    12oz bottle $3
    White Claw
    16oz can $4
    19.2oz can single cans $6
    12oz can single can $4
  • Chips and Salsa

    House made tortilla chips with fresh salsa, made in house with roasted vegetables. $3
  • Chips & Queso

    Our house-made queso and fresh daily fried tortilla chips.
    small $4 large $6 salsa $.50
  • Hummus Trio

    Roasted red pepper, roasted serrano, and roasted garlic. Served with cucumbers, carrots, celery, and fresh fried tortilla chips. $8
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip

    Creamy cheese blended with spinach, artichokes and love. Served toasty in a bread bowl with tortilla chips on the side. $8
  • Double Decker Nachos

    Two layers or tortilla chips smothered with queso and loaded with house made pico de gallo and black olives. Dressed with sour cream. $8
    Add chili or chicken $2.00
  • 1/2 Sandwich & Side salad

  • 1/2 Sandwich & Soup in a bread bowl

  • Side Salad & Soup in a bread bowl

  • All Soups served in a fresh baked bread bowl and served with chips and pickled veg $6

    Clam Chowder

    Roasted Tomato

    Potato and Bacon

    Spicy Vegan Black Bean

    Texas Style Chili

    Infused with Lone Star beer

    Broccoli Beer Cheese

    Infused with Shiner Bock
  • Bread bowls are made fresh daily, and as such, are a limited time option. First come, first serve. Please let us know if you don't need the bread bowl!
  • Po-po

    BLT loaded with bacon, shredded iceberg lettuce, and our roasted garlic mayo.Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $10
  • Hannibal

    Ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, and our house-made spicy mustard. Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $10
  • The Julia

    Smoked turkey, Havarti, sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, with our house-made honey mustard. Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $10
  • Royal with Brie

    Hot roast beef & melted brie cheese, sprouts, shredded iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions, and house-made spicy mustard. Served on pumpernickel rye. $10
  • Godfather

    Sliced ham, Genoa salami, spicy capicola ham, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and our house-made pepperoncini and cherry pepper melange. Served on a hoagie roll. $10
  • Cleopatra

    Havarti cheese, Italian marinated artichokes, black olives, poblanos, and cucumber. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sprouts, avocado, and our roasted garlic mayo. Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $9

    Vegan? Substitute hummus in place of cheese and mayo for no charge!
  • Second Deadly Sin

    Smoked turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, fried avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, and our house-made green goddess mayo. Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $10
  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Chunky chicken, celery and onion tossed in mayonnaise, with Havarti Cheese, lettuce, tomato and crispy fried avocado. Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $10
  • The Last Supper

    Roast beef, bacon, queso, sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, shaved onion. Served on a hoagie roll.$10
  • Cheese Head

    Havarti, Provolone, American, tomato, green goddess mayo. Served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. $9.00
  • The Bacchus

    Fajita seasoned marinated chicken breast, bacon, sautéed poblanos, onions, Swiss cheese, avocado, sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, and house-made Sambal mayo. Served on a hoagie roll. $10
  • The Orgy

    Hot peppered pastrami, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and house-made Thousand Island dressing. Served on pumpernickel rye bread. $10
  • Arnold Reuben

    Corned beef, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, and Swiss cheese. Served on pumpernickel rye bread. $10
  • The Philly

    Roast beef, Provolone, sautéed poblanos and onions. Served on a hoagie roll. $10
    Add cherry peppers $.50
    Add sautéed mushrooms $2.00
  • The Earl

    Italian marinated chicken breast, provolone cheese, black olives, sliced tomato, sliced onion, shredded lettuce, sprouts, pepper relish. Served on a hoagie roll. $10
  • Garden

    Mixed greens tossed with your choice of dressing, tomato, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, avocado, black olives, artichokes, broccoli florets, poblanos, croutons. Vegetarian $10
  • Chicken Tortilla

    Fajita seasoned marinated grilled chicken breast served on a bed of mixed greens, avocado, chopped black olives, shredded Cheddar, corn tortilla strips, chunky pico de gallo, and sour cream. $10

    Vegetarian? Fajita seasoned veggie patty can be substituted for no charge.
    Go with sautéed fajita-seasoned portobello mushrooms instead of chicken $2
  • Chicken Caesar

    Marinated grilled chicken breast atop crispy romaine. Tossed with shaved parmesan cheese, croutons, and house-made Caesar dressing. $10
  • Cobb Salad

    Mixed greens tossed with your choice of dressing, chopped tomatoes, black olives, shredded Cheddar, crumbled Blue cheese. Topped with sliced ham, turkey, hard boiled egg and avocado. $10
  • House made dressings

    Blue Cheese, Ranch, Italian, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Russian, Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette.
    All salads come dressed unless you request otherwise.
  • "The Usual" side salad has mixed greens, tomato, carrot, cucumber, croutons and sprouts and is dressed with your choice of dressing.
  • Bennu Cold Brew
    Bennu Cold Brew Pecan

    Diet Coke
    Dr. Pepper
    Prickly Pear Lemonade
    Ginger Brew

    Maine Root Beer
    High Dive
    Mexican Coke
    High Dive Sparkling Water
  • Sides and add-ons

    Queso $1.50
    Avocado $1.50
    Bacon $1.25
    Cheese $1.25
    Cherry peppers $.50
    Sautéed mushrooms $2.00
    Side pickles $1.00
    Jar of pickles $7.50 2oz of any sauce $.50
    To-Go Yellowbird hot sauce $.50
    Substitutions may incur an additional charge. A take out charge is applied to take-out orders. Orders may require one hour notice, especially during peak hours.
  • Cookies

    Misty Morning Bakery Cookies $3
    Salted Chocolate Chunk (Gluten Free)
    Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (Vegan, Gluten Free)
  • Combos and Kiddos

    Kids' Carter

    Creamy peanut butter with strawberry jelly. 1/2 sandwich with chips $4.00

    Kids' Cheese Head

    Toasty, melty American cheese. 1/2 sandwich with chips $4.00

  • Your future rock star is welcome at Gourmands from 11am-9pm. They must be with you at all times and respect other patrons by using their 2 inch voices
  • Large To-go orders in excess of 10 items will be charged a 10% service fee and require a minimum of an hour's notice . During busy times of service this time may be extended.

    To cover the cost of our eco-friendly to go containers, we also charge a to-go fee for every 4 items ordered.
  • Family Platters

    Tax & Gratuity not included in online pricing.

    Family Platter orders need to be placed before 2pm for the following day.

    All family platter sandwiches come on assorted breads (white, wheat, rye) except the Godfather (hoagie)
    8 full sandwiches on each platter. Each sandwich cut in 4 quarters and hoagies are cut in 4-inch sections (platter feeds 8-12)

    Platter A

    Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal

    Platter B

    Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal, Julia

    Platter C

    Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal, Julia, Godfather

    Platter D

    Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal, Julia, 2nd Deadly

    Need some add-ons?

    Large house pickled vegetables $4.00

    House made potato chips $4.00

    Salads (feeds 5-7)





    Chicken Tortilla


    Chicken Caesar


    Hummus Platter


    Get in touch with us: gourmandsatx@gmail.com
  • Gourmands Commitment to Safety for All

    Staff Hygiene

    • No hand shakes and use non-contact greeting methods
    • Regular hand washing
    • Disinfect surfaces hourly: doorknobs, tables, surfaces and between seating
    • All staff will be masked while on duty
    • Staff temperatures will be taken & logged daily; anyone with a 99.4° or higher temperature will be sent home
    • Staff who begin to experience symptoms will be sent home & must fulfill one of the following options:
      1. doctors note allowing them back to work;
      2. negative COVID-19 test result; or
      3. 14-day self-quarantine.
      4. Any returning staff will have completed their Health Declaration forms prior to returning to work.

    Guest Services

    • Hand sanitation stations outside restrooms, entrances & exits
    • Temp Station available upon entry
    • Seating 6 feet apart
    • Health Declaration forms w/RSVP
    • Single-use menus
    • Online ordering
    • Online payments
    • Touchless stations: sinks, soap dispensers & towel dispensers
    • Low to no-contact service

    All the love & yummy food that you're used to!

    Take care of your emotional & mental well-being!
    Outbreaks are a stressful and anxious time for everyone. We're here to support you! Reach out anytime at with questions, comments or concerns.
  • We have the responsibility to refuse service to any customer unwilling to abide by our customer guidelines.
  • drop us a line?

  • Our family-run business was established in 2011 to promote unpretentious food and brew while delivering quality to the neighborhood. While creating the vision for our establishment, we were excited to incorporate some of the nostalgia of one of our favorite hometown bars. With our hats tipped to Tucson, Arizona, we are working to create our own niche in East Austin. Located in an old Tejano night club, Gourmands is comfortably positioned on Webberville Road. The quirks of the building give you a glimpse of the past, with cracked black granite tile on the walls, cast glitter sprinkles on the doorways, and a distinct left lean to the room. It's not a perfect building, and its character is one of a kind.

    Sit back and indulge your inner gastronomer while devouring a fat sandwich paired with soup in our locally made bread bowls. Our attention to quality is shown as we make our soups from scratch, slice all meats and cheese, fry house potato chips and garnish sandwiches with our pickled cucumber, carrot, onion and jalapeno mix. Enjoy a 32oz schooner of beer, or anything else from our full bar, which offers local and international brews, liquors, and wines. We hope you enjoy every minute of your stay. Come in refined, depart a Gourmand.

  • We leave from the front stoop of Gourmands on Thursday's at either 7pm (spring/summer) or 6:30pm (fall/winter). Starting times roughly track daylight savings time.

    Routes include 3 or 5 miles. All runs finish with a little comradery over drinks and comida. Get to know your fellow gluttonous runners over $2.00 tall boys and ½ off nachos for the entire evening.

    "Allow me to run when I don't want to,
    drink when I shouldn't,
    and have the wisdom to COMBINE the two."

  • Eat each one of our menu sandwichs and our specials, get a cool t-shirt.

    Our members get to partake in $2.50 drafts of their choice,

    but must sport their sweet club T-shirt in order to get the gold.

    History: The Sandwich Club came about after discussions between a few regulars and staff. The regulars felt that an exclusive club should exist for those folks who could/would eat all 21 of our full sandwiches. To date over 500 people have signed up to take the challenge and only a few have completed.

    The most notable finish has to be Mike. He took the challenge to a new level when he walked in to the pub one afternoon and announced that he would be eating all 21 sandwiches in as many days. We didn't think he would do it around day 13 when he skipped a day, but in true champion style he finished off on the 21st day by eating 2 sandwiches.

    That is no small task by any standard, our hats off to you Mike.

    Not to be outdone, Brian finished a second round through the sandwiches, but this time he did them all on a hoagie rolls. We'll call him "El Conquistador De Bocadillos!"

    Sandwich Club Happy Hour is the last Thursday of each month

    Master of Sandwiches Progression
  • OPEN
    11:00am - 8:30pm

    Friday and Saturday until 10:30pm

    kitchen closes at 10pm
  • (512) 610-2031